Why I take my kids back to the places I holidayed as a child


Remember the days when summer holidays seemed to stretch out before you like endless miles of sandy beach? And when games of backyard cricket were accompanied by the aroma of sausages sizzling on the barbie? I remember my childhood summers fondly from our family holidays. Read more...

Why I go on a holiday every year without my kids or husband


While I’m no juggler, my days are spent trying to keep a lot of balls in the air. Like many women, I have a husband, kids, a career, and a home to keep in some semblance of order. Taking a holiday alone or with a friend is invaluable for helping me to recharge and re-evaluate [...]

Why I prefer to holiday in Australia than overseas


By the age of 15, I had visited at least 12 countries. From New Caledonia to the Netherlands, I’d set foot on three continents and been to iconic destinations that many people only dream of. Don’t hate me! Having a Dad that worked for Qantas meant we got ultra-cheap airfares, so the whole family could travel for less [...]