Everyday mindfulness for mums on the run


When you’re busy with work, family and home, finding time to unwind can seem impossible. Many mums, understandably, put caring for their families above their own needs. But a little self-care not only helps to keep you healthy, it also helps you manage your busy schedule better. Some simple strategies can make a big difference. [...]

Why I take my kids back to the places I holidayed as a child


Remember the days when summer holidays seemed to stretch out before you like endless miles of sandy beach? And when games of backyard cricket were accompanied by the aroma of sausages sizzling on the barbie? I remember my childhood summers fondly from our family holidays. Read more...

Why I go on a holiday every year without my kids or husband


While I’m no juggler, my days are spent trying to keep a lot of balls in the air. Like many women, I have a husband, kids, a career, and a home to keep in some semblance of order. Taking a holiday alone or with a friend is invaluable for helping me to recharge and re-evaluate [...]

Why I prefer to holiday in Australia than overseas


By the age of 15, I had visited at least 12 countries. From New Caledonia to the Netherlands, I’d set foot on three continents and been to iconic destinations that many people only dream of. Don’t hate me! Having a Dad that worked for Qantas meant we got ultra-cheap airfares, so the whole family could travel for less [...]

The complete guide to Cambodia diving


While many visitors come to Cambodia for its fascinating history and culture, divers will be equally enchanted with its aquatic offerings. This south-east Asian nation may only have a small stretch of coastline on the Gulf of Thailand, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in underwater diversity. Read more...

The complete guide to Koh Samui diving


As you sink into the warm, crystalline waters surrounding Koh Samui, you’ll know that you’ve found a piece of aquatic paradise. The waters of the Gulf of Thailand are teeming with tropical marine life, and divers from all over the world come here to experience this underwater wonderland. Read more...

To the classroom and beyond


When many people think about a career in education, they envision a lifetime of teaching children in a classroom. But if you have a passion for the next generation, the Master of Education from Curtin University can be a gateway to a variety of rewarding careers. Read more...

Device addiction is a real brain-drain


It’s no secret that we’ve become addicted to our devices. The digital world has created endless opportunities—for education, entertainment and distraction.  But what is our device obsession doing to our brains? Read more...

Natural remedies to keep you and your pet healthy


Pets are family—their loyalty and affection make them a vital part of our  lives. Having them by our sides keeps us  happy and healthy, and you’ll want the same for your furry friend. Try these five natural remedies to keep you and your pet in tip-top shape for many happy years together. Read more...

Your operation’s over…now what?


Having an operation is a big thing – it can even be life-saving.  After any operation, you’ll have a journey from recovery to better health. Regardless of the type of surgery you’ve had, and whether it was elective or emergency, there are some common principles you’ll need to follow. These tips will help give you [...]